The First Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas

Christmas journaling can be a challenge given all the other pressing commitments of the festive season.  I realise there are lots of "one word" journal prompts out there but I wanted something with a bit more direction.  Something that would enable me to record all the activities I have planned with room for reflection and creativity.   So I have created my own - 31 Days of focused festive writing.  Last year, Christmas was overshadowed by the recent death of my son so there was no much "peace, hope or joy" in our household. In addition, my journaling focused on grief and loss and not much else.  So last Christmas is a total blurr.  This year I am making a big effort to come out of the dark, into the shadows, and let some light back into our lives.  Especially since this is the last year my daughter will receive a special gift from Santa. 

Traditionally, in our household, 13 years old is the cut off date for such magic.  While I know she is no longer a true believer in such magic, she has given big hints that "Father Christmas" will be coming and we need a big tree so the present he brings can fit under it.  I promptly reminded her that one year Santa had played a trick on her brother and had packaged an alien topped pen in multiple boxes so that it was the size of a package crate.  Took a long time to unwrap but was worth the wait for the look on his face when he finally reached the 'surprise' inside. 

To this end I have decided to make a journal of my own, similar to a December Daily, with a two page spread for each day of December.  Each day focuses on one aspect of the holiday season and has a number of journal prompts associated with it.  While I could have used a commercially produced journal, I wanted to have colour and images to inspire me.  There is so much fabulous paper to choose from at many craft and scrapbook stores along with stickers and other embellishments.   I would love you all to join me on this months December Daily challenge.  I will be posting the prompts daily, together with some of my previous days entries.  

Prompts for today are:  

#1: Holiday Spirit

  • What does the holiday spirit mean to you?
  • What does the best thing about the festive season? Make an Alphabetized list of the 26 best things about the holiday season, with 1 item for each letter. Choose your favourite thing and write a paragraph about why you love it. This is a photo of the page my daughter, Isabel, and I did for today. 
  • Make an Advent Calendar or purchase one and enjoy a daily treat.  Link a paper chain to count down the holiday celebration
  •   “Home Alone at Christmas” was a hit comedy movie back in the 80’s, but what would it be like to spend Christmas alone?  Who do you know who might be alone this Christmas and what might you do to bring cheer to their life?

Diary Dates

In addition to the journal prompts I intend to include a brief description of any special activities my family and I might participate in.

At Christmas there is so much to see and do.  You really need to plan ahead.  What have you already booked in for the month?

Our local shopping centre is hosting a VIP week-end to celebrate the first shopping days of the festive season.  My husband and I decided to go alone and check out the Christmas installations around the center. We felt it lacked colour but were impressed to be served a glass of champagne at one of the booth.  My daughter enjoyed the fairy floss and the acrobats.  I also had lunch with a friend who is off to Antarctica on a cruise for 4 weeks across Christmas and New Year.  She has promised to take lots of photos of penguins and not to join the cast of Frozen 2.  

I hope that on your first day of Christmas you found time to write and reflect and refresh.  Thank you for taking the time to drop in and I hope you enjoyed the selection of prompts for today. 

Cheers.  Til' tomorrow.  

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