Christmas Countdown Day 15

Did you  know that Santa's red  suit does not have it's origins in in some ancient legend or early pagan myth? Originally Santa's clobber included the colors of green, purple, light blue, navy blue , brown and red. Then in the 1930's, some clever advertising guru for Coke Cola put together a campaign with Santa dressed in the now familiar red suit.  And it stuck.  It's funny how some things get started and then the origins become blurred with time.
Red and green are the traditional colours of Christmas.  Traditionally for Christians red symbolizes the blood of Christ which was shed by Jesus for our salvation.  In earlier times apples on a paradise tree were displayed at Christmas to represent the fall of Adam. Adam in Hebrew can be translated as man or red.  Jesus is also called the 'last Adam' (man/red). The first Adam brought death to mankind.  Jesus spilled his blood to conquer death and give us life. Red for blood and green for new life.

Another explanation for the red/green combo for Christmas is that in many parts of the world, red and green plants are the only bright colours that survive during the harsh winters of the Northern Hemisphere.  In fact, when most plants have lost their leaves, holly with its bright red berries and the poinsettia with its brilliant red leaves are bright against a white backdrop of snow.  It is only natural these plants world eventually become synonymous with Christmas.

While I don't have a problem with the red/green theme, I do think there are some really gaudy t-shirts out there, displaying some even more questionable messages and images.  In addition, this gaudiness has transcended sense by being carried over to certain lingerie  lines and other paraphernalia. Christmas themed clothing has taken on a life of it's own.  I challenge anyone to tell me that they don't have a Christmas t-shirt of some description in the wardrobe.  I know I have at least two, both of which I no longer fit.  Some good has come of the weight gain after all. What are your thoughts on Christmas clothing? Do you have a pet hate that you'd like to vent about?

Because of the considerable amount spent on pets, not just at this time of year, but all year round, the marketing machine has found another avenue to fleece us of our hard earned dollars.
The "dress you pet in Christmas garb" is well and truly an established prerequisite for everyone who adores their animal friend. I have fallen victim myself.  Just check out Ziggy's Santa hat and reindeer horns in another post.  This year I bought him a crazy collar.  I must admit that he does look super cute and Christmasie in it.  However, I don't think he really likes it and it probably makes him a bit hot so I only put it on for photo shoots or when guests are coming around. Silly of me I know, but it does make people smile. What do you think, is it cruel to dress your pet in crazy outfits for our own amusement?

 Christmas Clobber Journal Prompts

  1. What is "on trend" this year in the clothing line?  Add some clippings from magazines to demonstrate.
  2. Have you planned your holiday wardrobe? What items of clothing have you included (church, parties, New Years eve) and do you have a special outfit for Christmas Day? Draw up a calendar of events and the outfit you intend to wear.
  3. I read in a magazine article that one family have created a tradition of purchasing a new pair of PJ"s every Christmas so that on Christmas morning they are dressed early ready for the unwrapping of the gifts under the tree.  Do you have a tradition that has evolved around clothing, jewelry or hair ribbons?  Describe the tradition.
  4. If you have a pet, do you dress him/her especially for Christmas Day?
  5. Write a poem about the colours of Christmas?
  6. Draw or copy a picture holly or a poinsettia in your journal and give it a colour make-over. 

Journaling Tip

Adding images to your journal can provide visual inspiration for writing at the time or a reminder if writing sometime in the future.  Remember if you are the person taking the photo to include details of what prompted you to take the photo and how you felt about it at the time. 

Diary Entry

After spending half the day in the office it was time to visit the post office. With dread in my heart and a pair of sneakers on my feet  i approached the door of our local Australia Post Office and was amazed to see that the line was not out the door.  After a short wait, I was served by a pleasant and helpful woman - yeah.  Then off to the shops furor a good look around at all the goodies on offer. 

Have you been working today too?  If so, and you are in customer service, how do you keep smiling and remain pleasant for the entire day, especially at Christmas when it is very busy and people are feeling stressed?  I know I would find it a real challenge to stay cool and relaxed if I had to deal with people all day every day over the Christmas period.  So if you are one of the many people in retail, I take my hat of to you and congratulate you on you r poise and good manners in a challenging environment. 
Til tomorrow. 

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