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Positive You Journal - Part 1

Positive You Journal - Part 1 I originally posted this article on a blog I started called A Journal Junky (which I have swapped for the current blog - Journal Gym).  I got side traced and did not finish Parts 2 and 3.  I promise to do so now).  Hope you enjoy this refresher. 
"Mirror, mirror on the wall  who is the Fairest of them all" Queen Grimhilde
Queen Grimhilde, better known as Snow Whites Wicked Stepmother or Evil Queen, obviously had some self-esteem issues.  The Evil Queen could not see her own beauty in the mirror, only the face of the Mage (genie). She constantly required confirmation from an external source (the magic mirror) to confirm her beauty. In addition, asking the mirror also required a comparison with every other person in the Kingdom.  Just imagine how the story might have been if Queen Grimhilde was a self confident, self assured individual.  She would have only looked in the mirror to admire her good grooming and confirm that she was indeed well presente…

Flexing the Creative Muscle

It has long been known that the brain is divided into two hemispheres, with each half specializing in certain functions.  Research suggests that the left hemisphere of the brain is the rational centre where all the heavy duty learning and thinking takes place – you know, mathematical processing and organizational skills etc.  This side of the brain is given a full workout once we hit the school system. As a matter of fact, the education system and society in general, actively rewards and promotes left brain thinkers. Career advancement and monetary exchange for labour favours professions that rely heavily on verbal and mathematical processing skills. Careers, for example, in business, banking, engineering, law and medicine.
The right hemisphere of the brain contains the centre that governs intuitive knowing, visual perception, emotional expressions and non- verbal functions such as holistic thinking, visual imagery, emotional expressiveness and poetic thought. In other words, it is th…