Fourth Day of Christmas

Day Four of the Christmas count down and we are gearing up for a road trip with CD's MP3's,.blue- tooth and much more to boot. There is no way we are going to travel 600 km in silence. Christmas rocking the airways today - that is a certain.

Singing carols and Christmas song is an intricate part of Christmas celebration. Some people enjoy singing along with the kindy favorite like Frosty the snow man and jingle bells, while others prefer classics like Noel and he Town of Bethlehem. Regardless of what of which one you prefer they all place you in a place and time of celebrating Christmas. Although sometimes these songs can become a bit repetitive and old hat, I like to keep my eye out for something new and spicy.  So although there was on Drummer Boy we did here some new and very old versions of the classics. 
What is your favourite Christmas tune? The one you just can't get out pf your head .Is it the tune or the words or the images that it brings forth?  Sometimes it is difficult to  understand what it is about a song that makes it stay with us long after the last stanzas are sung.

Today Isabel and I set off on the first leg of our mammoth road trip.It was a dismal day to be setting out on a road trip because it had been raining overnight and the forecast was for more rain.  In Australia,at this time of the year we get heavy rain and sometimes flooding.  The roads were wet and slippery and the gullies were full to over flowing.  We saw a fox and stopped to remove a bird from the road verge who had decided it was far too wet to fly.  We decided it was better to travel at a slow speed and be safe rather than risk slipping in the wet.

 Initially, I endured the thump and pump of Taylor swift and other hit artists, for a couple of hours.  Until I demanded to have a Christmas carol karaoke. Much to Isabel's disdain. We played some oldies but goldies, such as Silent Night, O'Christmas Tree (in German), and Pavarotti, singing some song in opera, in a foreign language-oh my gosh-a little bit fancy (I'm so fancy, you already no i'm in the fast lane from la to Tokyo - Isabel's contribution). Isabel and I decided we would not be the stars of X' factor, or y or z for that matter. Lucky the rain drowned out our dreadful harmony's. Regardless of the quality of the singing we had a laugh and enjoyed our little sing along.

Journal Prompts
#Bells Are Ringing

  • What are your favorite Christmas songs/carols? Write some of the lyrics in your journal. We chose to write Noel.
  • Christmas Karaoke- get into the swing and sing along as you dance around the room. 
  • Carols by Candle light is a tradition in most centers in Australia. Did you go this year? Why/ why not? Describe the event?
  • Church services at Christmas ring out with traditional hymns. What is your favorite hymn? Did you sing at church this year?
  • Writ your own Christmas jingle.
"Jingle jingle bell, jingle bell rock,
Jingle bell...." No that's not ours.

We wrote
"The church bells ring,
 A ding, a ding, ding.
 And the choir begins to sing,
 With hope in there hearts and joy in there soul.
 With cheerful voices they sing,
 Glory to the new born King.
( I don't think its going to be a hit in our lifetime)

Diary Dates
Finally arrived in Bundaberg at 2 pm to visit with my mother who is going blind. My sister and her husband came for dinner and we had a great family reunion over a home cooked meal.  Great to catch up over
wine and good food.

Regardless of weather you enjoy listening, playing or singing the chorals or hymms during the festive season, the music can fill our hearts and souls with joy or memories from childhood.  Let the music play and sign with gusto (even if it is only in the shower). Please forgive any typos etc as using my daughters laptop  in remote location.  A bigger challenge than using singing carols.

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