Christmas Countdown - Journaling Day 14

It was the fourteenth day of Christmas and my little doggy said to me - Is there a  gift for me under the tree?
Ziggy is a Chit-sue Maltese cross rescue dog I was lucky enough to adopt 5 years ago.  His owners at the time had a small child who was a bit rough with him so he became aggressive and bitey.  His behaviour changed marked after a couple of days - he was very friendly and cuddly.  I think he was just in the wrong environment for his nature. Anyway, he has become an integral part of our family. So much so that my mother-in-law, who suffers from dementia, loves him and has him visit her regularly . Sometimes she even forgets that he is not her dog, but he is always pleased to come home again.

Christmas is a great time for us humans but it can mean a change in routine, new and potentially dangerous objects around the house, more visitors entering the house, higher noise levels, not to mention all those great smells wafting from the kitchen! The RSPCA  have put together a list of things we can do to keep our pet safe and healthy at Christmas.  The choice of food on offer during the festive season can play havoc with the digestive system not just for humans but also for our four legged friends.  So many of the tips relate to food hazards.  MY dog Ziggy has a sensitive stomach at the best of times so I intend to follow their advice and stick to doggy treats as opposed to offering things from my table or plate. 

Another problem that crops up at Christmas is people often gift a pet as a gift to someone they love.  This is great as long as therei is some forethought given to they type of pet, the amount of time and money required to maintain the pet, and the age and responsibility level of the recipient. A puppy might bring big smiles this year, but might be way too much trouble by next Christmas.  Last year, it was reported that the Dogs Trust saw a 54% increase (on 2016) in the number of dogs abandoned at their shelters around Christmas. So think before you commit to the purchase.  

Do you have a pet that has become a family member by default?  If so, are they on your Christmas gift list and what special treats will they have to eat on the big day?  Do you dress them for the occasion?

Pampered Pet Prompts

  • List the reasons your pet is 'Special'.
  • What 'Santa Paws" gift will your beloved pet be receiving this Christmas?
  • Write a funny story about your pet from this year of a poem using the letters of their name.
  • Does your pet 'dress-up' for Christmas? Describe an add a snapshot in your journal. 
  • Write a Dear Santa letter from you pet.
  • What are the pro's and con's of having a pet.
  • What is the most important lesson your pet has taught you?
  • If you don't have a pet, what has prevented you from acquiring one? If you did have a pet, what would it be and Why?

Writing Tip

Many people dread the idea of writing a poem, but it does not have to be a pressure based activity. Poetry can be a fun and creative technique that will inspire you while imparting useful writing skills..  I recommend you don't get too caught up in verse and rhythm and rhyme.  The key to writing about your pet is to focus on the animal and Just dot down the first words that come to mind.   Writing complete drivel is fine as the primary propose of prose is to get your feelings out and put into words something you need to express; to paint a metaphorical picture of something you’re dying to describe. A simple poem to start with is an acrostic poem . This type of poetry is where the first, last or other letters in a line spell out a particular word or phrase. The most common and simple form of an acrostic poem is where the first letters of each line spell out the word or phrase. 
I wrote this little Acrostic poem in my Christmas Journal.
Z iggy Zigzagging across the room
I can't catch you because you are too quick
G rowling as I get near
ood dog, come here, for a cuddle
Y ou are my best friend.
Diary Date
Trip down memory lane taking my daughter to the games room at a local store.  the game was shooting ping pong balls at crazed zombies and looked like loads of fun.  did not take long though to go thorough $20.  I think going to the pool is better value especially now that the temperature is getting about 30 degrees daily.  Better still taking Ziggy for a walk in the cool of the evening. 
Cheers til tomorrow. 

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